Specialty Care Transportation

Specialty Care Transport

Specialty Care Transport (SCT) allows facilities the option of transferring critically ill or ventilator dependent patients utilizing trained SCT Paramedics instead of, or in conjunction with, facility staff. The SCT Paramedic has undergone extensive training, beyond the scope of a regular Paramedic, to allow them to manage situations that usually require facility staff to accompany the patients. The SCT Paramedic provides constant one-on-one monitoring and care to ensure the patient is comfortable and safely transported.

What training to SCT Paramedics have?medic 4
In addition to being New York State Certified Paramedics, SCT Team Paramedics have undergone additional training including:
– Ventilator Management
– Surgical Airways
– Critical Patient Management
– AHA CPR, PALS, ACLS and ACLS EP certification

What type of patients can be transported by the SCT Team?
Utilizing state-of-the-are medical transportation equipment, SCT Paramedics are trained to manage patients requiring the following:
– Ventilatory management with a Hamilton T-1 Ventilator capable of:hamilton-t1
– PC and PSV
– AC and SIMV
– Intravenous medication infusion with an expanded medication list including:
– Antihypertensives
– Antiarrhythmics
– Vasopressors
– Total Parenteral Nutrition
– AntibioticsLIFEPAK15_Austria_448x340(1)
– Central Line management
– Arterial Line management
– Chest Tube management
– Cardiac monitoring with Physio Control LifePak 15 capable of:
– Limb lead and 12 lead EKG monitoring with transmission capability
– Pulse oximetry and end-tidal CO2 monitoring and trending
– Pulse CO-Oximetry that can detect and monitor CO in the blood
– IBP and MAP monitoring

How do I arrange an SCT transport?
– Call our Communications Center to arrange for your transfer
– Through a series of questions our dispatcher will assist you in determining the appropriate service level for your patient
– Once it is determined that SCT is the level of service required, the facility will fax the physician orders to the Lead SCT Paramedic
– Either the SCT Team or the patient’s physician may determine that facility staff is also required for the transfer.