Heat Exhaustion a Concern in Children as Temperatures Spike

Mark Cocco of Mohawk Ambulance says kids often are the patients in cases of heat exhaustion in the summer.

“Kids don’t recognize the signs. They’re very active so they’re not going to tell you what’s going on,” Cocco says.

That’s why he says he looks for telling signs that someone might have been in the heat too long.

“You could be confused. Don’t know where you are,” according to Cocco.

He recommends that you limit how much time your kids spend outside and make sure they wear light clothing.

But he says if they do get sent to a heat exhaustion call, they have several ways to revive someone if they’re unconscious.

They’d turn on air conditioning, and use an IV or an ice pack.

“You crush it and start applying it to crucial points,” Cocco said.

But he says they have to be methodical when reviving someone, or they could go into shock.

Cocco says they also get a fair amount of calls of people who passed out from drinking too much alcohol. He says it’s a very similar process in reviving them.

Cocco says you can deny medical attention once you’re revived but he recommends you let a doctor clear you first.

One thing to know is that if you’ll be out in the heat, alcohol won’t hydrate you.

CBS6 is told there will be extra units out all summer for anyone that needs help.

Via CBS 6 Albany