Cold Weather Safety Advice

Adam Nato

Adam Nato joined CBS 6 Sunday morning to talk about cold weather safety. He says frostbite and hypothermia are two dangerous and potentially life-threatening emergencies.

Power outages and the loss of running water can present serious threats in the winter months.

When temperatures are below freezing, your water pipes are in danger of freezing and possibly bursting. Run faucets at a drip to prevent.

Cities will open CODE BLUE shelters when temperatures are dangerously cold. Know where emergency shelters are and go there in the event of a power/water outage.

Check on neighbors who may be vulnerable, the elderly, those with disabilities. Bring pets indoors. If it’s too cold for you outside, it’s too cold for them.

All fuel-burning equipment, fireplaces and woodstoves, should be vented to the outside and kept clear of debris. Be sure to check these. Never use a generator or gas burning stove inside or in the garage. These can build up dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide.

Don’t ignore winter travel advisories. If officials tell you it’s dangerous to be on the roads, take that advice seriously. If you absolutely have to go out, make sure your fluids are topped off and keep your gas gauge above half full if you can.

It’s a good idea to keep an emergency kit in your car:

– Food and water
– Blankets
– First aid supplies and medication
– Hygiene products
– Cell phone charger
– Always tell someone where you’re going beforehand so if you get into trouble, they know you may need help.

Ambulance donated to Haiti by Schenectady Rotary, Mohawk Ambulance and Mayo Clinic

SCHENECTADY, NY – Emergency services in the Capital Region and beyond teaming up to donate equipment to less fortunate locations around the world .

The Schenectady Rotary Club and Mohawk Ambulance Service has partnered with the Mayo Medical Clinic in Minnesota to donate an ambulance to emergency responders in the commune of Carrefour, Haiti.

The ambulance has been rotated out of service by the Mayo Clinic.

Schenectady Rotary’s International liaison Brian Merriam gave us some stunning numbers to put in perspective how dire the need is for help down on the island.

Haiti Ambulance Donation


Summer Celebration & Safety Day 2019

ALBANY, N.Y. — Mohawk Ambulance Service and the City School District of Albany partnered with local community agencies to offer the Summer Celebration & Safety Day on July 20. The event provided guests with free food and snacks, games and giveaways, and safety information from participating organizations on staying safe this summer season.

Representatives from partnering agencies included Albany Community Action Partnership, Albany Community Development Agency, Albany County District Attorney’s Office, Albany County Sheriff’s Office, Albany Fire Department, Albany Police Department, Albany Public Library, All Smiles New York , Alliance for Positive Health, CDPHP, Capital District Pop Warner, Capital District Tobacco-Free Coalition, Capital Roots, CDTA, CityLax Albany, Donate Life New York State, Fidelis Care, First Student (Albany), Liberty Partnership, New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, New York State Police, New York State United Teachers, NYS Homes and Community Renewal, Planned Parenthood – Albany Health Center, St. Peter’s Dental Center, State University of New York System, The Damien Center, The Wizard’s Wardrobe, Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood, Whitney Young Health, Women, Infants, and Children (Albany).

Highlights of the event included a demonstration from an Albany County Sheriff’s K9 deputy, fire engine and ambulance tours, and Operation SAFE Child ID’s from the Albany Police Department. The cards include a photo, fingerprints and other vital information that can be helpful in the event a child goes missing. Alongside the educational activities, children and families enjoyed a complimentary barbecue and giveaways. Entertainment was provided by local band “Legacy.”

“We are so pleased to have almost three dozen partners as part of this event. This is only possible because so many people care about our community,” said Cecily Wilson-Turner, assistant superintendent for elementary instruction for the City School District of Albany. “We have so many important programs and services available to us in Albany and this is a great opportunity for the district and its partners to give back to our students and families.”

“We want to remind children to be aware of their surroundings and potential dangers that go along with their favorite summer activities. This event conveys those messages in a fun and interactive manner,” said James P. McPartlon, III, president, Mohawk Ambulance Service. “I’d like to sincerely thank all of our partners for their participation and support.”

Health, Safety Key as Temperatures Soar

People around the Capital Region were looking for ways to stay cool on Friday.

Many communities make sure residents know there are designated cooling stations to keep people comfortable.

Lots of families in Albany were splashing around at the Lincoln Park pool, enjoying the opportunity to take a dip and cool off.

While first responders say they’re seeing a rise in heat related calls that have been ending with trips to the hospital for some, others can’t avoid the warm temps, earning their living in the heat.

Experts say it’s important to understand the signs and symptoms of dehydration in adults as well as children, which can vary from person to person. They include headaches, fever, dry mouth, being thirsty, tired and cranky.

The key is being to avoid dehydration – which is what happens when we lose more bodily fluids than we’re taking in – and understanding what heat exhaustion is compared to heat stroke.


Heat Exhaustion a Concern in Children as Temperatures Spike

Mark Cocco of Mohawk Ambulance says kids often are the patients in cases of heat exhaustion in the summer.

“Kids don’t recognize the signs. They’re very active so they’re not going to tell you what’s going on,” Cocco says.

That’s why he says he looks for telling signs that someone might have been in the heat too long.

“You could be confused. Don’t know where you are,” according to Cocco.

He recommends that you limit how much time your kids spend outside and make sure they wear light clothing.

But he says if they do get sent to a heat exhaustion call, they have several ways to revive someone if they’re unconscious.

They’d turn on air conditioning, and use an IV or an ice pack.

“You crush it and start applying it to crucial points,” Cocco said.

But he says they have to be methodical when reviving someone, or they could go into shock.

Cocco says they also get a fair amount of calls of people who passed out from drinking too much alcohol. He says it’s a very similar process in reviving them.

Cocco says you can deny medical attention once you’re revived but he recommends you let a doctor clear you first.

One thing to know is that if you’ll be out in the heat, alcohol won’t hydrate you.

CBS6 is told there will be extra units out all summer for anyone that needs help.

Via CBS 6 Albany

EMS Crews Prepared for Fireworks-Related Injuries


The July 4 holiday is a busy time of year for Rebekah Garcia and her team at Mohawk Ambulance Service. She says extra staff will be on to handle the expected increase in fireworks-related injuries.

“A lot of those situations, with burns especially, they can lead to infections and stuff like that,” said Garcia, a paramedics supervisor.

If you do encounter an injury, Garcia says it’s important to control the bleeding with pressure until first responders arrive. She says if that doesn’t work, then use a tourniquet.

“If it’s a burn, just try and keep it clean,” Garcia said. “Do the best you can, honestly.”

According to Garcia, they usually treat burns to the hands. But depending on where the trauma may be, she says it could be life-threatening.

“Evaluate the patient and if they are very critical then we get them going pretty quickly,” Garcia said. “We also have other methods. We can call for a helicopter.”

Garcia says injuries occur when people are not using the fireworks responsibly. She says to make sure you’re doing things appropriately.

“Safety, safety. Hydration. Stay cool. Have fun,” Garcia said. “But just use your head.”

Via Spectrum News

Mohawk Ambulance Service Crew Members Meet with Sen. Charles E. Schumer While Attending Stars of Life Event in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Mohawk Ambulance Service crew members David Battaglia and Julia Westcott were among several EMS providers from New York State to meet with Sen. Charles E. Schumer during the American Ambulance Association’s (AAA) annual Stars of Life event in Washington, DC.

Battaglia, an EMT & Driver Training Officer and Westcott, and EMT & Field Training Officer were among four Mohawk Ambulance crew members to be honored with a Star of Life Medal this year. Chief Supervisor John Large and Chief Supervisor, Communications & EMT Adam Nato were also selected to receive the award. The four award recipients join 17 other Mohawk Ambulance servicemen and women who have been honored with the Star of Life medal.

At the meeting, Battaglia presented Sen. Schumer with a Legislative Recognition Award on behalf of AAA. The award recognizes the Senator’s dedication to issues of importance to ambulance providers.

AAA represents hundreds of ambulance services across the United States which provide emergency and non-emergency care and medical transportation to more than 75 percent of the U.S. population. The Association’s annual Stars of Life awards publicly recognize and celebrate the achievements of its members.

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